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Time Capsule in the Chemistry and Cell Biology Multidisciplinary Laboratory

In some distant future there will be a construction worker or member of the NCU Family sifting through the rubble that once was the EC201 Chemistry and Cell Biology Multidisciplinary Laboratory within the 755 Building.  Perhaps intentionally, or no, they will stumble upon a simple plastic bag, whose contents and exact location I will leave as a mystery, to most, until then.  Give it a year or so and they will be a mystery to me as well.

Suffice it to say, these contents will demonstrate the passage of time and hopefully generate a bit of intrigue.  Regardless, it is my hope that someone will recall the middle name of our University and, despite all of the changes brought to light by the time capsule, it will be clear that there is something that has not been altered by mere time.  The Word of God and of His Son.

I very am excited to introduce myself as the first Science Laboratory Manager of the new NCU Science Laboratory Complex, encompassing the EC201 and EC207 labs within the NCU 755 Building, see included photos.  While I am known to a multitude below the age of 30 as “Mr. Rogers,” the name formerly reserved for my father and grandfather, I do respond to “Tim.”  A graduate of Oregon State University, a 20 year veteran of the chemical industry and most recently a member of the staff at OSU, I have of late found a peace within myself and been guided to this opportunity to aid in the further development of both others and myself.

My adventures here will entail working with Chemistry Lab instruction, ensuring the smooth going of Biology Lab classes and in general trying to keep, potentially in vain, the new computerized presentation system, lab benches, fume hoods, vacuum system, models, microscopes and many other prize instructional tools in pristine condition.  All of this leaves for an enhanced and expandable science experience on the NCU campus, without the need for field trips to the facilities of our nearby neighbor.

As for my ongoing journey, I very simply knew I was home when, while weary after completing my first week of work mustering together a yet incomplete lab space, I looked up in the quest for guidance as I left the 755 Building and spotted the cross on the roof of the hospital across the road.  When one asks for signs, be careful of what you wish for.  I very much look forward to meeting all of you and welcoming you to the neighborhood, in time.  God Bless…

Tim Rogers
Science Laboratory Manager