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A Second Chance to a Better Life

Jacob TempI’m not the traditional NCU undergraduate student.

I didn’t have the privilege of attending college straight out of high school. Right after my 17th birthday, family circumstances forced me to move out on my own while I was still in high school. I ended up working three jobs so I could afford an apartment, barely surviving, all while finishing my senior year in high school. After graduating, I attempted college, but having limited support and qualifying for student loans only made it very difficult.

I worked several different jobs over the years, but nothing that providing me with true fulfillment. At the age of 24, I decided that enough was enough. Returning to my dream of attending college I began attending classes at Lane Community College. I continued to work full time and after four years of part-time attendance, I obtained my transfer degree. It was a bitter sweet victory. I wanted to complete my last two years but I knew I didn’t have the finances to attend anywhere other than a community college.

God was pressing on my heart to quit the job I had and attend NCU. Looking at the money I had, it seemed the impossible dream. But God kept pressing on me that He had everything under control; that I needed to trust Him. Eventually I did.

Just weeks away from graduating with my bachelors in psychology, I will be the first person in my family to earn a college degree; God has provided the finances for me to realize my dream through the form of work-study employment and scholarships. God has opened doors for me that I never thought would happen.

To the generous alumni and friends of NCU, I say thank you for answering God’s call and providing a way, not just for the students starting out in life, but for students like me who have been given a second chance. Thank you for your generosity.

Jacob Smyth, NCU senior