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Academic Creativity &
Excellence Day

ACE-Day-LogoMore than 75 students will be participating in the sixth annual fall Academic Creativity and Excellence (ACE) Day on Tuesday, December 1, 2015. Daytime classes are cancelled so students can attend the presentations. There are 54 presentations scheduled throughout the day. Represented fields include accounting, biology, Bible & theology, business, Christian ministry, communication, math, psychology, study abroad, and teacher education.

ACE Day is designed to showcase the research activities undergraduate students have conducted during the academic year, especially capstone projects by graduating seniors. “God created our brains, and God kindled in us a hunger to explore His creation and understand the complexity and subtlety of His works so we can praise Him in specific detail” said Doyle Srader, Ph.D., professor of speech and communication. “These presentations and posters are evidence of student learning and growth, but they’re much more than that: ACE Day is corporate worship.”

The ACE Day colloquium is modeled on an academic conference with sessions for individual, group and poster presentations. Posters undergo competitive judging with honors awarded to the top three.

ACE Day was founded in 2009 by NCU Professor Emeritus Tim Bergquist, Ph.D. as an official academic event, sponsored and organized by the Undergraduate Research Committee.

For more information about ACE Day, contact Professor Doyle Srader at 541-684-7216 or e-mail