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“We have this hope, a sure and steadfast anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19 (NIV)

NCU is pleased to welcome 143 new students to the Beacon family! Arriving to campus on Saturday, August 24, the new Beacons spent four days in a series of Orientation events that connected them to one another, introduced them to Eugene and warmly welcomed them to their new home, NCU.

Filled with nerves, a little uncertainty and lots of excitement, families were busy finding their way through the parking lot and across the quad as they helped their student move into residence halls and dive straight into this new adventure they were embarking on.

Students received encouragement from NCU President, Dr. Joseph Womack, to immediately seek opportunities to connect their faith with their academics. President Womack spoke to the value of higher education that is infused with a desire to seek wisdom and follow Christ.  Students also received words of encouragement from Vice President for Enrollment & Student Development Michael Fuller and Director of Student Programs Sarah Healstead regarding the exciting challenges that await them and how the faculty, staff and returning students of NCU are eager to help them succeed.

Culminating move-in day was the campus tradition “Twining of the Ivy”, a ceremony in which students gather in a circle and join together pieces of ivy, symbolizing the coming together as a community.

On Sunday, students had their first opportunity to connect with a faith community beyond campus boarders as they attended services at local churches throughout Eugene and Springfield. Faith and service are so richly connected within the NCU experience that it only natural to follow Sunday worship services with the special “You Got served!” event. New students were joined by student leaders and staff as they worked shoulder to shoulder in service at Ceasar Chavez Elementary. Windows were washed, garden beds were weeded, walls were scrubbed, litter collected, and the library was cleaned and organized, all in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Our recent week of Orientation was thrilling! It is exciting to watch new students be welcomed in to the NCU. As we watch this new class come in we cannot help but anticipate their futures. God is calling them to do amazing things:  to grow in wisdom, to live and share their faith boldly and to lead with servant hearts. May God guide and bless our new Beacon family members as they learn, serve and grow together – may they anchor themselves to the values of Wisdom, Faith and service and hold to the hope that is firm and secure that comes with knowing Christ.