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Convocation Begins Fall ’16 Semester

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in the Morse Event Center for Northwest Christian University’s 121st Convocation on Weds., Aug. 31, 2016.

joeAfter students and staff were seated, those gathered sang Great is Thy Faithfulness, while faculty and staff members processed onto the event center.  The music was performed by Addison Wong, NCU’s Musical Director, who played the piano, and  Jennifer Hartely, the administrative assistant in the Music Department, led the group in song.

NCU Alumni director Corynn Gilbert gave the opening prayer with Assistant Professor of Music Karen DeYoung leading the call for Worship.

Dr. Dennis Lindsay, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty gave the welcome address. He talked about why the NCU school year starts with Convocation and its role in setting the tone for students to discern their calling in life.

“As we think theologically and spiritually about our own unique callings as individuals, it is important to recognize that isolated, individual reflection itself is inadequate; on our own, we will never fully sort out what we are called to be or do.

This is why, today, in this place that we begin this year’s vocational journey in a worship service that we call CON-vocation – a ‘together’ vocation, a ’together’ calling.”

Assistant Professor of Biology Paul Allee read from Psalms 62:5-11, followed by NCU President Dr. Joseph D. Womack’s message entitled: “God Alone.” What follows is only an excerpt from his message to students, faculty, and staff.

“As you begin this year allow me to encourage you to do so believing God and in God ALONE

We are instructed in Hebrews that “we who have believed enter into that REST”

‘We who have believed –

when I’m trying by my might to believe I have not entered that rest …

when I employ my own strategies …

establish my own priorities aside from God I find little satisfaction and energy and success.

But when I believe in GOD and in GOD ALONE I find true, lasting, trustworthy REST’

That is my prayer for you today – for all of us that make up this wonderful faith and learning community – that we may be [individually and collectively] a testimony of God’s unconditional love – HIS grace and TRUTH flowing from our lives as we find REST in GOD ALONE.”— President Joseph D. Womack.

Carla Aydelott, executive administrative assistant to the President, offered the Benediction. DeYoung and Wong led the students, faculty and staff in the Alma Mater, All Hail to NCU, as the Convocation ended with faculty and staff leading the recessional.