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Fair Brings Students & Churches Together

church-fairAfter Chapel Service on Thurs., Sept. 8, students, faculty, and staff were invited to attend the annual Church Fair to learn more about Northwest Christian University’s Heritage Churches as well as about the many other opportunities for Worship throughout the area.

“Rarely, do churches get an opportunity to work together for a common cause, yet, investing in the lives of young leaders and encouraging them as they discern their calling to serve in the world is something we can all get behind,” said Pastor Troy Dean, Campus Pastor at NCU.

Almost 30 Churches and student ministries from Protestant and Catholic denominations organized their displays to form a receiving line so as student left Chapel Services they could meet members of each congregation or parish represented.

“We are blessed to have good relationships with so many local churches from such diverse traditions,” said Pastor Troy. As part of the Church Fair, students, faculty, and church representatives shared a picnic lunch to continue their discussions and fellowship.”