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Helping High School Students Prepare Financially For College

It should be no surprise that NCU is active in serving our community in a variety of ways. However, it might be a surprise to learn that the financial aid office makes it a goal each year to serve the greater Eugene area by helping high school students prepare financially for college.

During the past academic year we made more than 10 visits to high schools giving presentations on financial aid and helping families file the FASFA. For many families financial aid is a daunting topic so we try to make it a little easier to understand. During out presentations we talk about navigating college costs in order to get an accurate picture of the full cost of attendance. We also talk about types of financial aid and give tips for applying for scholarships. The majority of questions we receive are about the FAFSA, which is why we offer to come back and help out with FAFSA filing events. During the FAFSA events we help families navigate the FAFSA and interpret the often confusing questions.

Financial aid is a topic that is constantly changing, so whether it is a family’s first or third time through the process there is always something for them to learn. It is our goal to make sure families have the information needed to make college affordable and we enjoy serving our community in this way.