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Largest Undergraduate Class Arrives

2018 Incoming classNorthwest Christian University’s largest new undergraduate class arrived on Aug. 25, 2018, bringing with it a 3.46 grade point average, the highest average grade point average in modern school history. The class is comprised of 100 freshman and 45 transfer students from 11 states and five countries.

“This is an impressive group of students,” said Michael Fuller, M.S., Vice President for Enrollment and Student Development. “We are pleased to welcome them the Beacon family.”

What follows are some interesting facts provided by the Office of Admission about this year’s incoming class:

  • 65% of the incoming freshman class is female and 35% male
  • 65% of the incoming transfer class is male and 35% female.
  • 32% of incoming undergraduates are from the Eugene/Springfield area. 23% are from out of the state of Oregon including: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Washington; and the countries of Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, and Spain.
  • 27 first generation college students
  • 11 Pastor’s children
  • 4 veterans
  • 16 students from NCU’s heritage churches
  • 32 were either Student Body or Class President and 13 were in ASB in another capacity
  • 31 National Honor Society members
  • 29 ministry leaders
  • 14 team captains
  • 17 camp counselors
  • 29 musicians
  • 9 in theatre
  • 5 in 4H
  • 2 Valedictorians.
  • 91 participated in volunteer work and many participated in numerous mission trips including international outreach to Colombia, Ecuador, Thailand, Albania, Cambodia, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Romania, Costa Rica, Uganda, Napal, Haití, Guatemala, and Indonesia.

In this incoming class there is a student with a Black Belt, a leather artisan, Perfect Attendance Award Winners, a person cast in 10 theater productions throughout high school, artists, a student named Best Leader in the Corvallis School District, five pizza artists, a Color Guard Co-Captain, Willamette High School’s first placing state female wrestler, a motivational speaker for the American Cancer Society, a track and field all-American, a former minor league professional baseball player for the Philadelphia Phillies organization, an Eagle Scout, and a Mentor for Foster Children.

“With these talented first year students and transfers joining with our returning students, the 2018 – 2019 Beacon school year promises to be a great experience in the classroom and out,” Fuller said.