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Montgomery Elected President of ISRI

Montgomery, MarilynDr. Marilyn Montgomery, Ph.D., associate professor of counseling at NCU, has been named the president of the International Society for Research on Identity (ISRI), a prestigious forum for identity theorists and researchers around the globe to share their ideas and findings regarding the problems and prospects of human self-definition.

“I am honored to be the president of ISRI for the next year,” said Montgomery, who joined the NCU faculty in 2015.  “The researchers who participate in ISRI are some the best in the world and their work informs practical applications for dealing with identity processes and problems.”

ISRI membership is invited and encouraged from researchers in all academic fields. The Society’s goal is to provide a nonpartisan forum for identity researchers from all academic fields, using a variety of methodologies, to share their findings and stay apprised of the findings of others, especially among those who use different technical vocabularies.

Montgomery has been teaching at the university level for nearly 25 years. Her scholarship includes a focus on psychosocial development, particularly the development and revision of person’s sense of self through adolescence and adulthood.

“Research, and sharing research, is so important to help us teach the next generation of counselors and educators so they better understand and can address the varied and complex issues of the people they serve, live and work with,” Montgomery said.

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