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NCU Hosts Perinatal Rescue Training

NCU hosted the Perinatal Rescue Network's Helping Babies BreatheNorthwest Christian University hosted the Perinatal Rescue Network’s (PRN) Helping Babies Breathe master training course on Aug. 2, 2017, in the Banquet Room.

Dr. James Hulse taught the course to a dedicated group of volunteer healthcare professionals who want to improve the survival of mothers and babies in resource limited settings by creating more sustainable opportunities for access to newborn resuscitation equipment and education in rural areas throughout the world. NCU’s Linda Veltri, Ph.D.,R.N. is a member of PRN board of directors and is the board secretary.

PRN volunteers have held multiple trainings with local volunteers in Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guam, and India, among others.

More information about PRN, including a short video from field training in Rwanda, Nigeria, and Democratic Republic of the Congo, can be found at