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NCU Landscaper Featured

Kent Willocks, NCU’s landscaper, was recently featured in an article in the PeaceHealth Oregon Region newsletter:

Kent Willocks- NCU Magic Maker


Many of us who work at Sacred Heart, University District, have been feeling a good deal of gratitude this month toward next-door neighbor Northwest Christian University, whose campus is awash in lush and colorful spring plantings. Credit for the picture-perfect garden beds and beautifully manicured lawns goes to Groundskeeper Kent Willocks, who has been working his magic on campus for six years now. PHOR’s Interim Chief Operating Officer Roger Saydack, whose UD [University District] office window offers a bird’s-eye view of the corner bed pictured here, is one of Willocks’ biggest fans. “Kent makes the intersection of 11th and Alder sparkle with his plantings and well maintained grounds,” Roger says. “We really appreciate the commitment of NCU and the fine work of Kent Willocks in helping to make our UD neighborhood pleasant and beautiful.” Kent, who ran his own landscaping business for 15 years before coming to NCU, considers himself as much in the business of public relations as horticulture–and he appreciates the creative control NCU grants him. “For me it’s a brilliant job,” he says. “I have this palette to play with.” (Photo by Anne Williams/Communications)