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Pencils Sharpened, a New Year Begins.

As a kid I remember the excitement in preparing for a new school year. The purchase of a new pair of shoes (or two!), a new back pack, and dare I show my age by saying, a new Trapper Keeper. And though I no longer feel excitement over a bottle of Elmer’s glue or a box of 64 Crayons, I still find myself excited with each new school year. The first day of school represents a new beginning, a clean slate. It’s a year of empty pages ready to be filled with adventures and life-defining moments.

Today, the fall semester has begun, marking the 118th academic year for NCU. The hallways of campus are once again filled with sounds of chatter as students make their way to and from class. Faculty and staff have spent the summer preparing for their arrival. I feel excitement, on their behalf, for the year that lies ahead and I take pride in welcoming them to my alma mater.

I will forever be grateful for my student experience at NCU. For it was here that I was challenged to grow deeper in my knowledge of our Lord and Savior. It was here that midnight runs to Taco Bell and all-night study groups for Western Civilization forged life-long friendships and internship provided me with contacts that led me to my career path. It was here that I met my husband.

A new year begins today – I’m looking forward to all that lies ahead for the students, faculty and staff of NCU.

Jeannine (Butler) Jones ’99, director of university relations