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Practicum Experience From A Student Perspective

My junior practicum has been a blessing in many ways. It challenged me, it made me cry, it made me share laughter and it made me love. It made me love this profession, and it opened my heart to many children who have touched my life. It amazes me how as student teachers and teachers, we most often forget that we learn just as much as these young minds do.

This experience brought me so much joy. I was excited almost everyday to get straight into the classroom. Yes, there were times where I woke up and dreaded it, however those were the days that I learned the most. This job isn’t easy it’s really, really hard. But ask me if I would ever change my profession- not a chance.

Let me tell you why. This spring I had a particular student who wasn’t all too thrilled of my presence in the classroom. She was a tough cookie to crack this semester and I wasn’t sure how to react when her words were hurtful. I was amazed that an 8 year old had the power to hurt my feelings. I took everything I learned in my management class and put it in action. By my last day this young girl came up to me and said, ” you know, thanks for always being nice even though I was mean to you.” If that doesn’t tug at you then I don’t know what will. So ask me, would I ever change my career? Not a chance.

Nicole Oekerman