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President Womack Meets With Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff gathered on Tues., Aug. 22, 2017, for Chapel and a conversation with President Joseph D. Womack, Ed.D., to officially open campus for the 2017-’18 academic year.

Dennis Lindsay. Dr. Theol., Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the School of Bible, Arts, and Sciences led the Chapel service. The music was provided by Addison K.H. Wong, M.M., Instructor of Music.

President Joe Womack

After Chapel, President Womack met with faculty and staff.

“One-hundred and twenty-two years ago on this plot of land students began attending this institution with hopes that God would lead them in their preparation for a life of service to His Kingdom – each fall as we begin a new school year (some twelve decades after our first) I am always struck by what a legacy of mission we’ve inherited and what a sincere honor it is for me to engage in this service with you all.

You are an impressive group of servants, leaders, teachers, and friends – something I am often reminded of as I interact with other institutions in various capacities.

My second son, Benjamin joined his older brother Jamie in the collegiate ranks just last week. He is going to a fine school and they welcomed him well, but I couldn’t help but make comparisons on a number of fronts. Not intending a slight on a sister institution, but as I relate with these other institutions as a parent, I can’t help but be reminded of your value and the quality of the student experience you craft at NCU.

There are so many things I love about NCU, but chief among them is that throughout our history we have remained diligent to a Christ-centered mission that seeks not only an superb intellectual exercise – but abundant opportunities for service that are evidence of the benefit of that exercise.

I’m reminded of that each summer as I have opportunity at a number of events to visit with our alumni – some of whom graduated over 60 years ago – and I hear stories, fresh in their minds, about how their NCU experience impacted their lives and the lives of those with whom they have come in contact with. I love how those stories seem so congruent with the description of recent graduates as they share about their time as Beacons.

Whether I am listening to an 86 year-old retired missionary or a recent graduate coming back to the United States to teach after finishing a masters degree overseas, there is a shared appreciation for what goes on here. And that appreciation covers the decades and the variety of life experiences represented by our alumni. For example:

  • Gratitude from graduates from just 10 or so years ago as they have served internationally in business and education – recently returned home to finish 3rd in the National Cross-fit Team competition;
  • or alumni serving at the Rift Valley Academic near Nairobi, Kenya;
  • a pastor serving a small church in rural Oregon or a Mega-Church in Spokane; another running a Community College Foundation of a in California;
  • a marketing Executive from St. Louis;
  • a high school volleyball coach in Portland;

Again and again the blessing of the confirmation that you join together with those through the decades serving your Lord well through the mission of NCU.

I struggle sometimes to suitably express how proud I am of NCU – and how humbled I am to be about this work with you. I am confident that the students we have coming and returning to us now will continue this amazing legacy of service in ways we can only imagine now

122 years – many people’s lives changed.

122 years and I believe we are better than we have ever been – and perhaps we serve through a mission that is as relevant or more than it has ever been.

I share this with you because YOU are NCU. It is your faith, commitment, intellect, and skill that drive the mission of NCU and I wanted to start our meeting this morning by recognizing that you are doing an amazing job and I look forward with great anticipation to watching you serve Christ this year.”

Also, during the event, new faculty and staff were introduced:

New Faculty
Isaiah Bower ’08, M.A., Assistant Professor of Accounting
Bill Fritz, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Kathryn Hain, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History and World Christianity
Agam Iheanyi-Igwe, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Bible and World Christianity

New Staff
Falyn Edwards, Academic Advisor
Emily Johnston, M.A., Resident Director/Coordinator for Student Programs
Tony Joyner, Director of Golf
Brian Kraemer, Ground Maintenance