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Professor’s Book is Translated into Arabic

BookReading the Old Testament with the Ancient Church (Baker Academic, 2007), a book by Dr. Ronald E. Heine, Professor Emeritus of Bible and Theology, was recently translated into Arabic by the academic publisher Maktaba Dar El Kalema in Cairo, Eygpt.

The book examines how the leaders of the church in the first four Christian centuries read the Jewish Scriptures (Old Testament) as Christian Scripture. It attempts to show how Christ was the interpretative center of the Old Testament for the early Christians.  The book was written for pastors, Biblical, and patristic scholars, and general Christian readers to help them see how important the Old Testament was to the ancient church and how important it should be today in understanding the Christian faith.

“The translation into Arabic is significant,” Dr. Heine says, “because it makes this study available to a much wider Christian audience.”

In addition, Dr. Heine was also recently interviewed by Drs. Andrew Wyant, M.D. and Doug Thorpe on their Sound Cloud program “God Talk”. The interview was focused on Dr. Heine’s 2010 book, Origen: Scholarship in the Service of the Church (Oxford University Press).

The book is about the life and thought of Origen (c.185—254 A.D.), the most important Greek-speaking Christian theologian and Biblical scholar in antiquity.