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Students Inducted into Chi Sigma Iota


The Chi Sigma Iota Inductees stand for a group photo

Chi Sigma Iota, a prestigious international honor society for professional counselors, initiated 13 new student members, one professional and one counselor educator into the Nu Chi Upsilon Chapter at Northwest Christian University. The initiation ceremony was held on campus. More than 40 students, colleagues, family and staff attended the event on Fri., Feb. 10, 2017.

“Chi Sigma Iota brings students, faculty, and counseling professionals together to share information and support excellence in the profession,” said Marilyn Montgomery, Ph.D., chapter advisor and professor in NCU’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program and a nationally certified counselor. “Our chapter initiated its first 28 members in March 2016, so as our program grows, so does the membership in this dynamic community that shares a common commitment for excellence in research, professionalism, leadership, and advocacy.”

During the Nu Chi Upsilon Chapter initiation, new members took an oath and committed to the ethical and professional practice of counseling and the Chapter Bylaws. They received official certificates stating their membership as well as official CSI chapter pins. The Chapter will meet monthly on the NCU Campus.

In addition to the chapter initiation, officers for the Nu Chi Upsilon Chapter Co-Presidents Whitney Elkington and Miah Long recapped the Chapter’s activities during the past year. Elkington and Long are third-year graduate students from Eugene, Oregon.

Founded at Ohio University in 1985, Chi Sigma Iota has more than 100,000 affiliated members that include counselor educators and supervisors, students, and professional counselors in all settings and specialties of the profession. Sigma Chi Iota is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.