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Upperclassmen Offer Freshman Advice

For many freshmen and new students arriving on campus this weekend, a roommate, university-level classes, meeting new friends and being away from home for an extended period of time is as much new and exciting as it is challenging.

There are many campus activities planned throughout the weekend and the semester for students to “break the ice” with each other and to learn about classes and programs that are available to make the transition from home and high school to residence hall living and university life.

Several NCU students offered some sage advice for newcomers to consider:


Classes are hard.  Make sure to pace your study time with regular breaks.  Don’t try to power through a long study session.  It is important to rest every so often so you can keep your focus fresh on the information you are learning.

Kevin Kaelin ’18, Math, Eugene, Ore.

Living in the Residence Halls

Make your room fit your personality and lifestyle.  You will spend more time in your room than you may think, so I found it is easier to keep focused while studying and hanging out if my room is organized and clean.

Eli Shelby ’19, Exercise Science, Richland, Wash.

Managing a Social Life

Take advantage of every free Beacon Night.  You will learn about all the fun things you can do and places you can go while you are on campus living in Eugene.

Raegan White’18, Teacher Education, Dayton, Ore.

Communicating with Family

Remember to check-in with your family regularly.  Be proactive.  Send them a short text that you are thinking of them, even if you are just on your way to class. It is important to remember your family is always there for you.

Katarina Maciel ’18, Teacher Education, Norco, Calif.

Integrating Academics and Faith

It is important to realize school-work is part of what you do to discern what God is calling you to do with your life. The things you will learn in the classroom, socially, and in Chapel will prepare for what God has planned for you

Mitchell Davis ’18, Christian Ministry, Tigard, Ore.

For new students and their families with questions about life at NCU, contact Alyson Ropp in the Office of Student Life at 541-684-7345 or She will assist direct your questions to appropriate staff member.